Government Agencies

Solutions that power progress

We work with federal, state, and local government agencies managing some of the world’s largest and most unique portfolios—of loans, grants, benefits contracts, IT, data, and other assets—and we help them do it better.

Leaning on our expertise, program managers, budget officers, and other agency stakeholders are able to:

  • Understand, describe, and predict portfolio performance
  • Develop successful programs
  • Navigate policy changes and increased oversight
  • Maximize agency and program budgets
  • Meet new mission requirements
  • Find and obtain resources

Contract Vehicles

Information for Contracting Officers

FI Consulting has provided transformative data and technology solutions to government clients for more than two decades, supporting budget development, credit risk and portfolio management, model development and validation, data analysis and management, application modernization, and other mission-critical initiatives. By expanding our ability to serve the public sector through a variety of best-in-class contract vehicles, we aim to ensure that our solutions remain accessible to agencies that depend on them.

To learn more about how FI Consulting can meet your organization’s requirements, contact us or view our contract vehicles here.

Smarter software for smarter procurement

Acquisition and Spend Planner (ASP) offers a range of features to streamline the process of building acquisition packages and provides robust, scenario-based portfolio planning and reporting tools for program, budget, and procurement management functions. By giving all agency stakeholders a comprehensive view of the spending pipeline, ASP helps government organizations fully align activities to improve efficiency and outcomes.

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