Business Applications

Legacy application architecture and data sprawl put organizations at risk and prevent them from seizing valuable opportunities. At FI, we apply our domain knowledge to modernize business applications so the full value of your data assets can be realized.

Our Approach

We work across the organization to gain a deeper understanding of our client’s culture, processes and procedures, and the needs of the true subject matter experts: the application end users.

Working with us, organizations have been able to tap into their data to drive decisions, enhance operations, create new programs and products, proactively inform investors and stakeholders, deliver secure digital experiences, and strengthen employee and customer engagement. By delivering pragmatic, flexible solutions that are built to scale and evolve as requirements change, we position clients for sustained success in an increasingly digital business environment.

We will help you determine the best path to achieve optimal mission and business outcomes.

Successful Digital Innovation Demands
One or More Technical Solutions

Data Encapsulation

Leverage and extend an application’s features and value, encapsulate data and functions in the applications and make them available as services via an application programming interface (API)


Restructure and optimize existing code without changing its external behavior to remove technical debt and to improve the component’s features and structure and deploy as microservice(s)


Migrate an application component to a new runtime platform making minimal changes to code to adapt to the new platform


Redeploy an application component to another physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure without recompiling, altering the applications code, or modifying features and functions


Fundamentally alter applications behavior to move from monolithic to micro-services-based capabilities framework leveraging benefits of cloud computing and/or open source


Rebuild or rewrite the application component from scratch while preserving its scope and specifications


  • Ideation and Prototyping
  • User Experience & Design Thinking
  • Application Rationalization
  • Solution Architecture
  • Cloud Modernization
  • Machine Learning Applications
  • Product Management
  • Rapid Application Development
  • DevSecOps

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