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FI Consulting provides data and technology solutions to banks, credit unions, GSEs, commercial real estate financing firms, and specialty lenders. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience partnering with organizations across the finance sector, we help clients effectively manage vast amounts of sensitive data, navigate regulatory changes and economic volatility, and harness the power of technology to enhance resilience, streamline operations, and meet evolving customer expectations.

Our clients count on us to deliver tailored solutions that help them achieve critical business goals. As the convergence of powerful technology, social, and economic trends drives massive change across the sector, we are continually refining and evolving our capabilities. Some of our current areas of focus include:

Graph Analytics

Seamlessly connect the dots between disparate data sources and excel when business requirements are dynamic and rapidly evolving.

Digital Transformation

Align strategy and technology to become more resilient and more responsive.

Data Management

Build the data foundation you need to capture value from advanced analytics, generative AI, and other transformative innovations.

Loan Portfolios

Implement solutions that assist with tracking origination pipelines, setting prices, and pooling assets into securities.


Measure carbon risk exposure, develop strategies for meeting changing regulatory standards and consumer expectations, or seize opportunities to differentiate your firm through sustainable offerings.

Introducing the Next Generation of Loan Review Tools

CLEARFI is a first-of-its-kind low-code software solution built to support the unique data and review needs of today’s leading banks.

With a common integrated data model at its core, this flexible, scalable application includes tools for loan review staff, internal audit teams, appraisal review, modeling and analytics teams, bank acquisitions, credit staff, and more.

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