Acquisition and Spend Planner (ASP)

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A Simpler Way to Manage Procurements

Acquisition Spend Planner (ASP) is a full-lifecycle acquisition platform built for the U.S. Government. Developed using extensive feedback from federal procurement professionals and finance executives, it allows government agencies to track every stage of the procurement process—from idea to award.

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Why We Built ASP

Each year, federal agencies obligate as much as 15% of their contracting actions in the last month of the fiscal year. This creates a massive strain on agency resources, and when acquisition tools and personnel are fragmented and disjointed, delays, wasted appropriations, and headaches are inevitable.

We built ASP to eliminate fragmentation and streamline the acquisition process. By providing all agency stakeholders with a comprehensive view of the spending pipeline—from budgeting to acquisition planning to award— government organizations can fully align their activities to improve efficiency and outcomes.

Who Uses ASP

ASP empowers collaborative procurement among program offices, budgeting staff, procurement offices, and all stakeholders associated with your acquisition process.

Program & Administrative Officials

  • Easily manage all tasks related to acquisitions from one intuitive platform.
  • Track the status of all submitted acquisitions, access important dates for planned acquisitions, and manage all related paperwork.

Budget & Finance Officials

  • Track and analyze the past, present, and future costs of all acquisitions with easy-to-use dashboards and comprehensive reporting features.
  • Ensure funding is properly allocated and prevent appropriations from going to waste.

Acquisition & Procurement Officials

  • Gain insight into the procurement pipeline before requests cross your desk.
  • Organize your workforce around upcoming acquisitions and help your buyers stay on top of their schedules.

What’s Inside

ASP offers a range of features to streamline the process of building acquisition packages and provides robust, scenario-based portfolio planning and reporting tools for program, budget, and procurement management functions. Collectively, ASP’s capabilities help customers improve the speed and quality of federal procurement while saving hundreds of hours of manual processing.

End-to-End Portfolio Visualization

With ASP, customers can leverage advanced Business Intelligence tools to generate interactive data visualizations of their entire procurement portfolio. The platform’s robust procurement data model can combine, transform, and present existing data to provide real-time insights that enable faster responses to data requests and more informed, data-driven decision making.

RPA-Driven Intelligent Automation

ASP’s out-of-the-box features include powerful RPA technologies that allow agencies to eliminate manual processes associated with creating procurement package documentation and facilitate easier access to critical information and milestones for program offices. ASP also comes with custom RPA-development capabilities powered by Microsoft Automate, AI Builder, and Flows that equip customers to rapidly create their own automations.

Enhanced Procurement Package Collaboration

ASP’s role-based functionality connects procurement, finance, and program offices through a user-friendly interface. ASP enhances collaboration through shared file editing with version control, automated notifications of critical and user-defined contract activities, and effortless capture of all communications in a unified electronic contract file.

Proven Security to Expedite Implementation

Built wholly within Microsoft’s Power Platform, ASP is FedRAMP High compliant and relies on the same infrastructure most federal agencies are already using to secure their systems. This continuity not only makes ASP easier to support and integrate into existing processes, but also reduces the time needed to achieve Authority to Operate, allowing customers to experience the platform’s benefits faster.