How We Help

We invest in the people, expertise, and technologies needed to solve complex problems for our clients, and we’re continually looking for new ways to add value to the organizations we work with.

FI Domains

We deliver world-class solutions by applying capabilities from five domains. Each one contains unique methodologies, technologies, and disciplines that we rely on to tackle specific challenges for our clients. By viewing our business as a collection of domains, we’re able to manage our resources and institutional knowledge in a way that maximizes the value we provide.

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Our solutions enhance the organizational attributes that are critical to long-term success.


The right data flows to the right systems and people to power processes that align with business goals.

Decision Making

Decisive action is supported by analytics and models that reveal key performance drivers and accurately project impacts and risks.


Confidence in the integrity of the data-intensive systems and processes that anchor core capabilities.


Technologies, processes, and people that support business objectives and differentiate you in the market.

FI Products

We specialize in developing applications on Microsoft’s industry-leading Power Platform. By leveraging our proven PowerX™ portfolio management solution framework, we’re able to rapidly deliver scalable, adaptable solutions that make businesses and government agencies more agile, efficient, and productive.

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