Program Investment Manager (PIM)

Excellence from Start to Finish

Program Investment Manager (PIM) is the first collection of FedRAMP-compliant applications that help federal agencies manage grants, loans, guarantees, and other subsidy programs from application through closeout. PIM consists of modules that can be implemented individually to enhance specific functions or as an integrated suite to support end-to-end program management.

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Why We Built PIM

Federal government programs are growing larger and more complex each year. For the program managers tasked with overseeing them, burgeoning portfolios, constantly evolving requirements, and increased oversight create new challenges at virtually every turn. We built PIM to help customers overcome these challenges.

Informed by expertise gained through years of supporting clients managing federal credit and subsidy program portfolios, these applications enable program managers to maximize impact, reduce risk, and demonstrate value—at every stage of the program lifecycle.

What’s Inside

PIM modules can be implemented individually as value-added components of your existing system architecture or as an integrated end-to-end program management solution.


Provides comprehensive support for collecting, processing, and approving loan, loan guarantee, and grant applications through a configurable multi-stage due diligence process.


Provides tools to manage portfolios of financings (e.g., loans, guarantees, and grants) as well as the underlying collateral, projects, and assets resulting from these investments.

Performance & Risk

Enables the collection, tracking, and analysis of performance goals, achievements, and risk measures for the portfolio.

Compliance Review

Provides end-to-end support for executing and tracking compliance examinations, reviews, and audits of loans, guarantees, and grants.


Helps manage closeout and liquidation processes through a configurable set of workflow stages that include final reviews, disposition and liquidation, and final reporting.


Enables electronic data collection, dissemination of program information, and stakeholder collaboration through a FedRAMP-certified gateway accessible to external stakeholders.

Stakeholder CRM

Provides structured relationship management for customers and counterparties including lenders, loan recipients, project developers, and federal, state, and local government agencies.