Modeling & Advanced Analytics

With the help of advanced statistics, econometrics, AI, and other techniques, organizations can create dynamic models that convert data into powerful insights. As the opportunities and risks you face grow more complex, interconnected, and multidimensional, effective models will become increasingly important to drive understanding and decision-making.

Our Approach

FI provides analytics and modeling solutions that combine years of industry knowledge with the latest methodologies. We develop tailored analyses to answer specific business questions, analytics applications that enable users to generate new insights through data discovery, and modeling solutions that support the deep exploration of complex systems and portfolios.


Research, Formulation, and Design

Development and Testing

Documentation and Reporting

Implementation and Execution

Governance, Controls, and Monitoring


Gain Deeper Insights with Graphs

Do you need to quickly access and analyze information stored in large, disparate datasets? Graph analytics can help.

This cutting-edge approach to data analysis is ideal for representing complex data dependencies and offers a more scalable, agile alternative to traditional modeling techniques.

Learn about FI’s graph analytics solutions >


  • Custom Model Development & Enhancement
  • Model Monitoring & Attribution Analysis
  • Model Controls & Governance
  • Documentation
  • Independent Model Validation
  • Model Risk Management Systems
  • AI/ML
  • Regulatory Review
  • Implementation Support
  • Remediation Support

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