Model Risk Manager (MRM)

Eliminate Blind Spots

Model Risk Manager (MRM) is a powerful, highly customizable system that enables effective governance throughout the entire model management lifecycle. Developed using agile principles and extensive input from model risk management executives at the world’s top banks, this new breed of software goes beyond rigid automation to promote greater efficiency, effectiveness, and responsiveness across your organization.

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Why We Built MRM

More stringent governance requirements and closer scrutiny of model lifecycles have pushed financial institutions to seek greater visibility into modeling activities—and to demonstrate responsible decision-making throughout development, validation, and deployment. The expansive model risk frameworks that many organizations have introduced to support these efforts have helped, but they’ve also created more challenges.

Financial institutions are devoting more time and resources than ever to analytics, documentation, compliance, and tracking in an attempt to keep up with the demands of management teams, auditors, and regulators. We built MRM to make their efforts more efficient and effective.

Who Uses MRM

MRM empowers stakeholders at any commercial or government organization conducting modeling activities.

Model Risk Managers

• Reduce time tracking down models, documents, and datasets

• Identify and prevent common issues with increased visibility

• Boost efficiency and ensure optimal use of resources

Model Validators & Reviewers

• Spend more time ensuring compliance and less time searching for information

• Improve information clarity and streamline queuing and resource assignments

• Get greater visibility into remediation status

Model Developers

• Spend more time building and less time responding to review questions

• Increase productivity and knowledge transfer with a centralized source of reusable assets and greater visibility into review status

What’s Inside

MRM was designed as an alternative to inflexible off-the-shelf software and expensive proprietary systems. It has everything you need to implement better model risk management today—and the flexibility to adapt as requirements change and your organization grows.

Full Lifecycle Model Risk Management

A comprehensive model inventory with an extensive (and adaptable) set of categorization fields helps you track data sets, assumptions, and documentation during validation, reviews, audits, exceptions, and remediation.

Insight When You Need It

Comprehensive role-based views, reports, visualizations, and dashboards—along with configurable alerts and notifications based on events, thresholds, and time—give you unprecedented visibility into modeling activities.

Flexible Deployment and Integration

Implement MRM on premises, in the cloud, or on your own server and ensure that you always have the functionality you need to perform critical modeling operations. Track emails, appointments, and other events to related models and review activities thanks to deep integration with Microsoft Outlook, Sharepoint, and Office.

Comprehensive Security and Audit Trails

Control and track who does what (and when) with a highly configurable, enterprise-class security and audit framework that’s trusted by more than 6,000 organizations around the globe.