Who We Are

FI exists for two reasons: to create value for our clients and to create value for our people.

In support of this dual objective, we’ve worked hard to create a culture that rewards curiosity, initiative, persistence, and performance. As our industry evolves, these qualities allow us to adapt and evolve with it. The technologies and methods we use might change, but by staying relentlessly focused on our mission and values, we’re able to exemplify consistent excellence.


How We Got Here

Roman Iwachiw and Tom Follain founded FI Consulting in 2002, aiming to help financial institutions solve challenging analytical problems while providing a truly outstanding client service experience. Today, our company comprises more than 60 professionals and a client base that includes leading commercial financial institutions, government agencies, and financial industry regulators.

Our clients choose us to handle some of their most demanding and visible mandates. We regularly develop mission-critical solutions in time-sensitive and highly scrutinized environments that often include stringent financial statements and internal controls audits. Over the years, we’ve developed institutional knowledge that few other firms possess.

FI consultants worked with government and commercial financial institutions as trusted advisors during the Great Recession, shedding light on data that led to subsequent monetary and fiscal policy decisions. In 2017, they answered the call from the White House to analyze a trillion-dollar portfolio. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we deployed multiple teams to support the U.S. Small Business Administration’s effort to approve more than 3.6 million loans that helped small businesses survive one of the largest economic downturns in our nation’s history.

Our capabilities are continually evolving to meet the needs of the businesses and government agencies who depend on us. Year after year, these organizations continue to rehire us to support their most critical initiatives, reinforcing our commitment to our values and mission.

Core Values

Personal and Professional Integrity

Hold to principles and deliver outstanding work that meets personal and firm standards.


Seek, accept, and encourage ownership of work and behavior. Be proactive, be a leader, and discourage passivity.


Expect and reward top performance and create the conditions that enable it.

Openness and Cooperation

Emphasize teamwork and transparency. Avoid cynicism. Be constructive and helpful when interacting with clients and colleagues.

Continuous Improvement

Strive for personal and professional growth. Avoid complacency.