Acquisition Management Platform

Our client was using spreadsheets and manual processes to track their pipeline. FI provided automation and workflows to provide transparency and reduce workloads.

Client: Federal Agency

Challenge: Our client’s procurement pipeline was tracked in a decentralized manner using a series of spreadsheets that resulted in inaccurate data, lack of pipeline transparency, and the inability to execute procurements on time. Procurement officials could not effectively manage workload, programs could not see the status of their procurements, and FIMA left precious budget dollars on the table because they could not execute procurements in a timely manner.

FI Solution: FI interviewed stakeholders to understand the agencies current processes for tracking procurement data. FI developed a tool that provides a central data collection mechanism for procurement data with visualization capabilities through a suite of Tableau dashboards. Using a user centric and agile approach, feedback was incorporated into the Tableau dashboard, and a data entry front end that validated information as it entered the repository was provided.

FI Impact: FIMA benefited from an increased ability to visually track the status of individual procurements throughout the life-cycle, improved transparency of procurement status for all stakeholders, and the ability to apply the appropriate workforce to process procurements within the required time frames of the fiscal year.