Comprehensive Loan Examination and Analytic Review (CLEARFI)

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Meet the Next Generation of Loan Review Tools

Discover the flexible, scalable low-code software built to meet the unique data and review requirements of today’s leading financial institutions.

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Gain insights powered by a 360-degree view of loan portfolio risk

CLEARFI does more than automate repetitive tasks. Built as an integrated data ecosystem, this robust, highly configurable platform unifies all of your loan review data to make it more accessible and useful. With embedded analytics and an intuitive user interface, CLEARFI enables teams to conduct more informed reviews, proactively identify and mitigate risk, and improve overall portfolio management.


Who Benefits from CLEARFI

CLEARFI helps loan review teams stay ahead of credit and loan portfolio risks in today’s complex, continuously changing lending environment.

Loan Review Managers

  • Efficient review planning, scoping, and reporting
  • Optimal use of critical resources
  • Enhanced team productivity and engagement
  • Real-time, dynamic management dashboards

Loan Review Officers

  • Intuitive interface
  • Eliminates time consuming, manual tasks
  • Self-service data mining and analyses
  • Automated, collaborative workflow tools

Management, Board of Directors, Internal Audit, Regulators

  • Proactive risk identification and escalation
  • Better loan portfolio risk insights
  • Consistency in process and execution
  • Greater confidence of audit and regulators

What’s Inside

CLEARFI is built on Microsoft’s industry-leading low-code development platform, which supports more than 20 million users worldwide and a customer base of more than 130 enterprises. It offers enterprise-level security and scalability, along with abundant customization capabilities to accommodate a wide range of unique bank data and loan review needs.

Effortless Data Integration from Multiple Systems

Adaptable and extensible data model with APIs to accelerate data integration from various source systems into a common data service; auto-populated loan source system data into line sheets

Automated Review Planning, Scoping, Sampling, and Reporting

Efficient and easy to use loan review workflow with integrated analytics and reporting; does the data mining and analyses for you, resulting in informed, relevant review work; customizable, dynamic filtering to select samples and continuously monitor loan portfolio risk; configurable line sheet template with “smart” filters to show only in-scope questions

Smart, Interactive Portfolio and Loan Review Analytics

Embedded Power BI dashboards offer automated data visualizations and reporting, tailored to meet your specific needs; slice and visualize data with simplicity to tell a story with your loan data and review results; monitor team productivity and track plan progress via management dashboards

Industry Leading Microsoft Cloud Enterprise Technology

Seamlessly fits into the office environment, providing enterprise scale and role-based security; flexible low code software to rapidly add new functionality and adapt to changes in source systems without expensive software changes