Candidate Experience

Every day, we pursue excellence.

We’ve found that success in this pursuit starts with the right mindset. For us, work is an opportunity for personal transformation. The problems we solve are hard and work can be difficult and uncomfortable, but we appreciate the struggle. It’s a chance to seek answers no one else has found and to create real value for clients by applying what we’ve learned.

We hire people who share this mindset and strive for constant improvement, because it’s critical to our success. Our clients are continually facing bigger, more complex problems, and we must be able to adapt to solve them. After considering mindset, we look for candidates who believe in our values and who have shown that they have or can acquire at least one of the abilities below.

What We Look For

Technical Skills

You have skills relevant to the types of problems we solve, or we are confident that you can quickly learn and then apply them.

Consulting Skills

You listen well and communicate clearly. You’re able to grasp complex problems and clearly articulate solutions.

Domain Knowledge

You have knowledge of the industries and clients we serve, the problem sets we face, and the solutions we provide.

How You Get Here


If you believe your values, skills, and professional interests align with ours, explore available opportunities here and apply today.


An FI recruiter will assess your application and the needs of the open role and determine whether there’s potential for a fit.


If the recruiter sees alignment, they’ll want to schedule a phone conversation to confirm your interests match our needs.


After that conversation, our interview team will work with you to schedule time for technical screenings and individual or panel interviews with relevant personnel. At the conclusion of the interview process, we’ll assess your skills and potential long-term fit in the context of our culture, business strategy, and other applicants.


If we agree that you’d be able to help us fulfill a current business need, your recruiter will extend an offer. Once it’s been accepted and processed by our HR team, you’ll choose a start date and prepare for onboarding.

How You Grow Here

Our company offers many paths for growth, and they all begin on day one.


The timing of your hiring will depend on specific project demands. Once you join our team, you’ll enter our onboarding program. During this time, you’ll set your long-term development goals, meet coaches and mentors who will help guide your development, and begin building the skills and expertise you’ll need to succeed here.

Project Assignments

At FI, project assignments are the single biggest driver of professional development and your long-term growth factors into every assignment. Additionally, we’ll make decisions based on:

  • Your likelihood of successfully adding value to a client while overcoming progressively harder challenges.
  • Your interest in the problem type, subject matter, or nature of the project role.
  • Your fit for other upcoming assignments.

Domain Training Program

FI’s practice areas comprise five key Domains. You’ll spend time working alongside leaders in each one, to help you fully understand the solutions we deliver to clients and the processes we use to deliver them. You’ll learn how Domains help us drive strategy around the types of problems we want to solve and serve as a framework for identifying new business challenges. Additionally, you’ll receive focused training specific to your Domain to ensure that you have the technical capabilities and skills needed to add maximum value to our clients.

Want to join our team? Find an opportunity that’s right for you.