Low-Code Solutions

A low-code approach to software development allows organizations to rapidly build scalable solutions in response to changing business or market demands. By providing drag-and-drop interfaces, reusable code templates, and other components, low-code platforms remove the need for custom code and make the development process more accessible to non-developers.

Our Approach

FI applies a unique blend of technical knowledge, portfolio management experience, and domain expertise to develop bespoke low-code applications that address complex business challenges. In addition to Microsoft’s industry-leading Power Platform, our experience spans Salesforce, ServiceNow’s Now Platform, and nearly every other popular enterprise low-code development platform.

Migrate to the Cloud

Leverage a pre-approved, FedRAMP-certified platform to efficiently move critical applications, data, and analytics to the cloud.

Extend and Bridge Existing System Investments

Bridge data and process gaps between stovepipe enterprise systems with flexible apps, pre-built connectors, and best-in-class data visualization tools.

Build New Enterprise Systems with Agility

Rapidly develop and implement user-friendly applications with solutions that support the entire development lifecycle, from prototyping to production.

Modernize Line of Business and Program Applications

Enhance organizational productivity and improve core business processes with proprietary software tailored to your unique objectives.

Digitally Enable Critical Business Processes

Extend business processes and data out to stakeholders, customers, and constituents through secure portal applications and intelligent process automation.

Products That Put Your Data To Work

In addition to custom solutions, we provide a range of products designed to address specific challenges.

Acquisition and Spend Planner (ASP)

Allows federal agencies to improve visibility, resource management, and collaboration throughout the entire acquisitions lifecycle with intuitive dashboards and streamlined workflows.

Model Risk Manager (MRM)

Enables effective governance throughout the entire model management lifecycle—including model validations, reviews, audits, exceptions, and remediation—while tracking all related data sets, assumptions, and documentation along the way.

Portfolio Investment Manager (PIM)

Helps federal lending agencies manage grants, loans, guarantees, and other subsidy programs from application through closeout, with a suite of tools that can stand alone or be integrated into existing systems and functions.

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