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Analytics Chart Publishing

Client: U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC)

Automating and Standardizing Chart Production

*Challenge: *The FSOC produces for its annual report more than 180 charts on systemic financial risk. The analytics underlying the charts need to be accurate, reflect current data at the time of report publishing, and all charts must be consistent with approved chart types and preset formatting guidelines.

*FI Solution: *The FSOC hired FI to validate chart accuracy and formatting. FI developed a Chart Publishing solution that allowed the FSOC to automate the design, formatting, and production of its charts. The solution is configurable to allow for a high level of specificity in chart design. The solution contains version tracking, thereby allowing for an audit trail on data, calculations, features, and chart types used in historical FSOC publications.

*FI Impact: *Chart production and validation costs were reduced by 25% and the data quality, traceability, and consistency of charts was improved. Chart update times decreased from days to hours, allowing the FSOC to include more current market data in its annual report while under strict publishing deadlines.