FI Consulting Releases Acquisition And Spend Planning Solution

Acquisition and Spend Planner (ASP) empowers collaborative planning, management, and end-to-end visibility of agency procurement pipelines to avoid end of fiscal year contracting bottlenecks commonplace across the federal government.
ARLINGTON, VAOctober 17, 2018 – FI Consulting is pleased to announce the release of its Acquisition and Spend Planner (ASP) software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution to help federal agencies achieve greater efficiency and productivity from collaborative acquisition planning and gain end-to-end visibility and management of their procurement pipelines.
“Each year, federal agencies struggle through fourth quarter logjams of overdue acquisitions, that equate to workloads of nearly two times the monthly average in September, and more than five times the weekly average in the final week of the fiscal year,” said Robert Silverman, Managing Director responsible for FI Consulting’s solution initiatives. “Our clients have told us that one of the root challenges is the need for more collaborative acquisition planning and greater transparency to procurements across all stages of the pipeline. We developed ASP to solve this problem and bridge the gap between operating plans, acquisition planning, and acquisition execution.”
FI Consulting’s ASP solution provides a platform for program management professionals, budget officers, and procurement officials alike to collaborate around acquisition planning activities, produce more effective procurement packages, and track each acquisition from start to finish. It provides an agency greater transparency through adaptable data visualization dashboards that provide each stakeholder group insight into the status of each acquisition throughout its lifecycle. Developed using extensive feedback from acquisition and finance executives, FI’s ASP solution is a powerful, highly adaptable system, built on a FedRAMP authorized platform, with native integration to Microsoft Office applications and APIs to integrate with agency budget, finance and procurement systems.
For more information on FI Consulting’s new Acquisition and Spend Planner solution, please visit or contact Rob Silverman at