FI Consulting Team Wins NIDDK Data Centric Challenge

FI Consulting (FI) was recently named the winner of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) Data Centric Challenge, Intermediate/Advanced level. Challenge participants were tasked to generate an AI-ready dataset that can be used for future data challenges and produce methods to enhance the AI-readiness of NIDDK data. Participation in the Challenge was tiered (i.e., beginner-level and intermediate/advanced-level) and utilized data from two longitudinal studies focused on type 1 diabetes (TEDDY and TrialNet). Led by Dr. Ali Loveys, MD, FAAP, FHIMSS, ABP-CI, the FI team successfully consolidated and unified multiple TrialNet datasets and identified data outliers. The team enhanced raw data to ensure consistent variable representation and identified numeric and categorical “missingness” to prevent modeling bias, thus enhancing TrialNet data for AI-readiness. The team prepared a dataset for time-series analysis, making the data more likely to inform prevention and personalized treatment plans for those at risk of diabetes and diabetes-related complications.

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