FI Consulting Recognized as a 2014 Arlington Transportation Partners Champion

FI-Blog-ATPArlington County, VA, February, 23, 2015—FI Consulting, an Arlington County-based company that provides data and analytical solutions to financial institutions, is pleased to announce it received a Silver Award from Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), a division of Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS), at a reception held on January 28th at the Artisphere. FI Consulting was one of more than 120 businesses and organizations recognized as a Champion for commitment to transportation initiatives and encouraging the use of alternate modes of transit.
Champions recognize businesses, residential properties and commercial properties in Arlington County that have shown a commitment to encouraging the use of sustainable transportation modes such as public transit, ridesharing, biking and walking. FI Consulting received the award for demonstrating leadership in sustainable transportation programs by providing an array of benefits and services for its employees.
The efforts of FI Consulting and its fellow Champions continue to keep Arlington County at the forefront of urban areas offering employees and residents a better work-life balance in the Washington-Metropolitan region. Additionally, with the support of ACCS, the programs implemented by FI Consulting, such as promoting sustainable transportation modes, help play a vital role in removing 41,000 cars from the road every day.*
*According to ACCS Making an Impact Reports, available at
About ATP:
Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) provides transportation expertise and services to businesses, residential communities, developers and hoteliers in Arlington County, Virginia. In operation since July 1998, ATP has assisted over 700 businesses, 300 residential communities, more than 43 hotels, and 90 site plan properties located in Arlington County to improve their transportation amenities and commuter benefits. Their innovative programs and expert knowledge base have made us the leading Transportation Demand Management (TDM) specialists in the country. In addition, these services and programs have significant impacts on commuting patterns, traffic congestion, personal health and air quality in Arlington County. For more info on Champions, watch: