WEBINAR: Data Essentials for Analytics and Modeling

FI-Blog-Data-EssentialsWhether you’re building a model to estimate risk or financial performance, analyzing and deciding about a business issue, or simply reporting on your organization’s performance, one thing holds true: Your results are only as good as the data you rely on.

In recent years, analytics have evolved from buzzword to critical capability across the government and private sectors. However, in the rush to generate appealing analyses, reports, and visualizations, critical first steps around data are often overlooked. This leads to questionable results, intensive work to explain and fix discrepancies, and potentially to loss of trust. How do you make confident data-driven decisions if you can’t rely on the numbers you are looking at? How will your organization pursue a cohesive strategy if different groups interpret the same data differently?
Experienced analytics and modeling practitioners know that well-defined, high-quality data is not just an essential precondition for results to be meaningful, but that investment in data can create powerful leverage across an organization.
This 1-hour webinar will help you better understand where your organization falls in the data process and where you should head next.
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